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Save over 80% now! Learn the process of Documentary Filmmaking at your own pace with this value-packed online course. 

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With thousands of hours teaching filmmaking to people of all skill levels, feel confident that James can show you the way to the next level.



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The heart of filmmaking is camera work. Don't let modern tools be daunting. Let James bring over 30 years industry experience to the table and show you the way.



For James, understanding the entire workflow from image capture to editing, to output of your masterpiece is central to a feeling of being grounded. 


"I thoroughly enjoyed...

...taking the DSLR video workshop with James. He presented the information in a way that was engaging, clear, practical, and easy to digest. I would take another course from James in a heartbeat."

"I had studied...

video production in the past and was worried that I would be bored in the beginner class. James tailors each class to the people there and within 30 minutes, he had taught me several new things." 

"Both your courses...

...led to more than a few epiphanies. Love the way you reinforced the theory with practical exercises. Extremely helpful in so many respects. Wished I’d taken this course years ago… at least I did now!"

"James is genuinely interested...

...in empowering people to understand.  He is always present, and his attention to detail makes for easy integration of material.  
After taking a course with James, I am chomping at the bit to put what I have learned to use!"

"Loved the course...

...gave me the skills and confidence to move beyond the auto settings on my new Canon 800 and I haven’t looked back since."

"James is a great teacher...

...he covers the basics but is also flexible in tailoring the course towards your interests and skill level. I highly recommend this course."

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